Monitoring animal tracks for state reserve with infrared game camera

Just after the New Year, the national nature reserve of staff in order to to protect wild animals need to further find out the laws of their activities in the field.For the convenience of investigation activity trace of animals, collect their pictures,we invite key forest zone in institute of zoology, shaanxi zoology experts in installation of the two kinds of infrared camera, a total of 15 game machines, with field monitoring activities within the forest animals.The two infrared game cameras are respectively LTL – 5210 and LTL – 8210.

Infrared game camera is the use of thermal effects in animals through the shooting area, the heat can be induced by the induction module of the camera, so as to stimulate the camera automatically. Using infrared camera monitoring game species identified accurately, and affected by different types of habitat and environment is small, also can work 24 hours a day, little influence on animal behavior.

ltl-5210 infrared game camera

ltl-5210 infrared game camera


ltl-8210 infrared game camera

ltl-8210 infrared game camera

Using infrared automatic trigger camera back true wild animal world

Whether it is what a professional photographer, if you want to get the residents of the forest, wild animals, especially the rare animals is a very difficult thing. But the smithsonian institution recently released more than 20 photos of wild animals, these photos is all over the world with installation of forests, mountains and savannas across automatically captured by camera traps.

Called Smithsonian project, 5 years in seven countries by camera traps to a large number of valuable wildlife photographs taken. The cameras at the time of animals after automatically taking pictures, some are equipped with night vision equipment, flash and other machinery, and some can shoot video.

Every image has a specific time and space characteristics, is a record of life on earth. “As far as I know, this is the largest remaining similar database” of the Smithsonian institution, said Robert Costello, director of the Smithsonian project “to create such a research level of the treasure is the safest safe choice, it will be used by researchers for a long time.”

The smell of human in just a few miles away can scare away sensitive animals, camera traps will come in handy at this moment. This kind of equipment only thermal images of animals were detected will trigger when taking photos. Its sensors in airtight space to prevent wind or sunshine. Hunters use it to find the animals, the scientists used it to observe secretive animal activity; Assessment of endangered animal populations; You can even find thought extinct animals.

“Many animals leave virtually no sign of their existence, so camera traps for humans is a god-given gift.” Wildlife biologist William McShea said. “rather than looking at a big tuo excrement but don’t know what is the animal, the images are like museum specimens site, species and variety of metadata information collection.” The spent $29000 pilot project used only a small part of the smithsonian more than millions of photos, Costello, McShea and others hope to launch characteristics make it easier for scientists to use and upload the new photos. The team also wants to enlist the public to set the camera traps, a single cost no more than $200 to $600.

“The camera is not top science and technology, I can use 2 hours, ordinary people and even kids how to use” McShea said, “I would be happy to use school system to put these devices in Montana, indiana and other places, and then they take good photos uploaded to our database.” In addition to promote the research in the future, McShea said they can provide a compelling opportunity for people to understand the state of animals in their natural environments. Generally about wildlife photos are modified by human factors, but the infrared automatic trigger phase chance bring us good, bad or ugly photos, you are likely to see the animals in the scratching their privates; Vampire bats harassment mess sample; Even they have sex. May not be what you expect, but it is the most real photos.

How to choose the infrared induction hunting camera?

Infrared hunting cameras and infrared camera in the surveillance cameras with night vision distance, strong concealment, stable performance and outstanding advantage, thus occupied most of the market in the night vision surveillance.How to identify strengths and weaknesses in mixed infrared hunting camera market?Good performance of the infrared camera must be able to have the following properties:

1.Infrared lamp working conditions
In general, the infrared lamp radiation power is proportional to the positive working current, but near to the maximum rating of forward current, the temperature of the device for current heat consumption to rise, make the light emitting power decrease.Infrared diode current is too small, will affect the radiation power of the play, but the working current overshoot affects its life, and even make the infrared diode burned.When the voltage across the positive threshold voltage (0.8 v) current to flow, to movement, and it is a steep curve, show that the requirements of the working current is very sensitive.Therefore requires working current and accurate, stable, otherwise influencing the full play of the radiation power and reliability.Radiation power with the temperature increasing of environment (including its own heat generated by the environment temperature) makes its radiation power decline. Infrared lamp especially long-distance infrared lamp, heat loss is a problem that should be paid attention to during the design and selection.

2.The infrared light utilization and red critical problems
What is a red storm? Red storm is due to the ir ingredients contained in the visible light. Infrared lamp can be totally without red violence (in 940 ~ 950 nm wavelength infrared tube) or only a faint red binge.Using the American oakes (aucsiter) infrared technology, through on the premise of guarantee the lamp power, reduce the heat consumption of infrared lamp itself, adjust the Angle of infrared light, infrared lamp effective utilization rate reached 90%.Infrared hunting cameras and on the choice of infrared lamp, choose the larger wavelength (910 nm) infrared lamp, strictly to reduce the red storm, reached the reddish critical effect.

3.The fog in the infrared camera
Fog, frost formation is due to the saturated water vapour met with cold air condenses, because of the cold environment is strong, the weak condense into frost and fog. Infrared cameras in the process of work, the infrared hunting camera especially outdoor camera is often due to change of the four seasons, the temperature difference between day and night, and the rain and snow conditions in shield to form fog or frost on the window glass, cause the camera to see objects, directly affect the monitoring results. Through the use of advanced electronic circuit of defrosting, effective control of saturated water vapor concentration in the body cavity, do the mist defrost automatically.

How to detect the wildlife with trail cameras?

Do wildlife monitoring is the most difficult in the wild rare wild animals. Landscape conservation center in collaboration with several nature reserve, promote the use of trail cameras for wildlife monitoring and protection work, for the first time all around the world. Trail the working principle of the infrared camera is a camera even without the presence of personnel system can take pictures to the wild animals. Is a package in a waterproof shell, with an infrared sensor to detect, such as a camera system that can trigger the device. Trail camera (i.e., the infrared hunting cameras) the working characteristics of advantage: species identification accuracy affected by different habitat/environment type small can be 24 hours of continuous work for monitoring activities and hidden animals (especially carnivores) to the interference of the smaller animals to the wild staff requirements relatively low a large amount of image data can be used for public education, and to attract public attention and support to the protection work against: for a lot of small mammal powerless in the tide.

ltl-5210 trail cameras

ltl-5210 trail cameras


What is game camera and what are their purposes?

Recently,there have been many news in online about taking pictures of animals by game camera.The people had used game camera taken a photo of the black bear that 11 years no see in Zhejiang.Qingliangfeng,and it pose for the camera.Pingwu county forestry bureau use game camera to taking photo about the giant panda eating wildebeests meat on first time in Sichuan.The same happened in sichuan,Mabian Dafengding discover the wild giant pandas in first time with game camera.On Changbaishan,the people discover wild Siberian tiger from a game camera of field monitoring.The same thing happens in jilin Huichun,they taking some photos for wild Siberian tigers and Amur leopards.On October,2012,the people find the wild south China tiger with infrared game camera in Nankang,Jiangxi.Some scientific explorers even use wireless game camera to find the wild man in Shennongjia,and so on.

The infrared game camera is a new product that between the camera and surveillance cameras which can make up a system itself.This camera using infrared add DSP intelligent operation(Low false positives automatic human (animal) recognition technology),It can automatically take pictures of high definition video or smooth.Also known as infrared camera,trail camera,hunting camera or game camera.Game camera consists of automatic trigger animals LTL series, sg series and hx series, other series.Ltl series mainly include ltl5210a and MMS machine ltl5210mm,and Hd series of ltl8210 and MMS machine ltl8210mm.They all have waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, moistureproof and ultra-low temperature function, can be applied to the field conditions, 6 months can also long standby.

ltl-8210 game camera

ltl-8210 game camera


ltl-5210 game camera

ltl-5210 game camera

Using trail camera self-service solutions when you encountering failure

Failure A : The trail camera taking pictures without anything.

1.Check the PIR sensitivity parameter Settings.Use in warm conditions, set the sensor “high”;Use in cold weather, set the sensor “low”;
2.Put camera view to the empty place;
3.In some cases, near the camera can lead to induced errors. The camera aimed at the ground;
4.To fasten on camera, don’t let the camera shake;
5.In the evening, the sensor can be induced to outside the scope of the led lighting, can adjust the sensor sensitivity by reducing the induction distance;
6.Sunrise or sunset can trigger the camera sensor. Needs to be fixed camera toward;
7.If people or animals move quickly, the target has left photos when the camera camera, without goals;


Failure B : The trail camera to stop taking pictures or not save image.

1.Please make sure that an SD card is not complete. If the card is full, the camera will cease to store image. Can open loop sd card to avoid this problem;
2.Check the power supply have enough power to keep the camera work;
3.Ensure that open the camera and don’t let the camera in the preview mode or closed;
4.GPRS is open, the camera takes 1 minute to send photos, if there is a fire again after 1 minute. If close the GPRS, the camera can continuous shooting;
5.Please format the SD card before use;


Failure C : MMS trail camera stop send email or MMS

1.Check the cost of the SIM card;
2.Check the receiving information of mobile phone is working correctly;
3.Check the signal is too weak or no coverage;
4.To ensure the GPRS setting is correct;


Failure D : Can’t start the machine
1.Check whether the switch is in the open or preview;
2.Check whether the battery is enough;
3.Check the SD card is normal;

That is a tech advancement for game cameras

When it comes to using modern technology outdoors there are those who embrace and those who abhor it. Me I’m somewhere in the middle. I will say frankly, I’m not going away with a bow equipped with a modern pulleys arrow rest arrows dropaway and best I can get. My reason is when I re Ois a shot, I want to count, and these things make me draw more accurately. In addition, I do not think go hunting without my waterproof hunting boots and a pack of hand warmers just in case my fingers go numb.

Other hand, move uncharted territory, I always use the Leupold Sportsman Compass I am as a gift in the early 1960s. I count on him often enough to give me my truck, especially in the spring season turkey when I’m inclined to wander over hill and dale. Today, younger and some older hunters would not think of leaving their GPS at home, and that’s fine as long as the batteries hold out.

We can quote and debate the merits of dozens of other technological devices, but I think that I really like is my camera game, about 40 years ago, to say whether any deer hunting visited my site, I would like to make a piece of sewing thread my wife on a deer trail. If the wire is broken, a deer crossing. If it was not, I consider hunting one of my other stands.

Today, instead of running the son sewing, I hang a gaming device and, frankly, after a morning or evening hunt, I can not wait to remove the card to see what happened then I was away. I have pictures of dozens of deer, of course r, but what amazes me is the number and variety of creatures that live in the woods I hunt and while I’m tending to appear more business.

This season I have pictures of both a red and gray fox, raccoon mother and her three kits, a fisherman, several close-ups of the gray squirrel, a flock of wild turkeys, coyotes, skunk and even a porcupine. These creatures all share the woods I hunt but without the gaming machine I’d probably never see most of them because for the most part, they are nocturnal.

Technology can be good or bad when it comes to hunting, but a game cameras can bring the wood to life, at least for me, my gaming devices have been a welcome addition to my hunting gear . I have four years and I have another account.

Trail camera images announce Boxer 180 class Morrow

Marengo, Ohio – During the summer of 2012, Greg amalgams and his father, Bill had seen a lot of dollars through a series of images on their track machine . Photos.kept coming day after day to the Morrow County farm. Some men were still in velvet while others had paid. They could tell by the photos that there were snipers in the mixture.”As soon as we put the trail camera on the right track, we started taking pictures like crazy, said Greg.
When rolled around season, Decklings promised to be ready.So when the opening of the shooting season arc next morning, Bill woke her son tt morning. As they were preparing in their garage for the first hunt of the year, Decklings went through their list. Bootscheck. Hide Check. Check arc.

The list continued until Bill asked his son to his label deer. It has not been so amalgam told his eldest son to go to bed and they give a shot later.”He was bumming, said Bill.”I bought my (hunting license) plus tt in the summer, so I can go to Coyote hunting in Sa For Greg.” I just forgot to buy my deer tag. “De U, Greg returned to his room for a little more sleep, thoughts, Virginia pictures danced in his head.

Bill left this morning for the opening and saw a nice 8 points and not others. It held, however, know that he and his son returned to their neighboring property later in the day.We had been watching the deer since the end of July, “Bill said.” I thought there was no rush, so I waited until we could hunt together. “Greg was hunting for a few years, but it was not until 2011 that it officially re U.”He took his first ball last year, which was a little over 8 points gun season, Bill said of his son.” He then said he would like to take one with his bow. I told him about tt because he does not like to sit in the cold. ”
Greg, 20, a junior at Mount Vernon Nazarene College, does not have much time to hunt. It is a resident advisor in a dormitory and a full-time student. Yet he and his father had planned their opening day since the summer.”I took the first week off season,” said Bill, a police officer in central Ohio. I thought this might be our only chance to reason (money) and get off. “Decklings finally made their views on the 16 hours on the first game. Move about 100 meters, the amalgam was hunting.”Around 6:30, I heard this wild ride behind me,” said Greg. “I looked through an opening on my left and the big boy is standing there. He ran out of my field of S behind me and stopped. He picked me because there had a west wind. He looked straight in the eye. “Greg said he was nervous, especially when he thought that the big male had broken.I thought he recognized me and left remembers Greg.The male has a rod stuck between my S woods. As he tried to shake it, which gave Greg just enough time to have a chance with him at close range.
“My phone rang at 06:45 ET (Greg) is energized, Bill remembers.” He said, Dad, Dad, I got it. I said you what He says: I’m great. “As it turned out, the young amalgam obtained a crossbow fired five meters from the ball as he walked behind his views.”He said he shot him right behind the shoulder where it was supposed to,” said Bill. “When I EU him (Bolt) is still stuck in the ground. It was a passage through. There was a little blood on it and it did not smell good. I was not r if not empty the blow. ”
Decklings began tracking deer, find drops of blood here and there. Finally, they found a large puddle of blood and more blood in a grove.As it turned out, the male had walked about 75 yards after being hit.Taxidermy believes silver amalgam, a central computer 10 points will score somewhere in the 180s.We’re still on Cloud Nine, I can tell you that Said Bill. We’re just happy he got. ”
What makes it even sweeter that Greg shot the buck with a given to him by a friend who died last story arc of the year. Tom Drake was 69 and a frequent hunting partner Decklings.
Last year, just before the gun season, he died on my birthday, said Greg. “This has really put a damper on our season. I do not even think to hunt again until these trail camera images lit a fire under us. “

Trail cameras can be placed on public land

Trail cameras can now be placed on land owned by the MNR that are open to hunting. MNR has published a notice in the official journal of the state on June 1, from the new policy adopted by the Board of Natural Resources on May 23

Normally, it is illegal to place personal property on state land and leave it overnight, but hunters asked the Commission for Natural Resources to make an exception for cameras trail so that people can explore the areas they will be hunting in the fall.

Even non-hunters, who do not own land, may be interested in the use of cameras trail to get close pictures of wildlife.

Scott Loomans, Policy Specialist Wildlife DNR, said the DNR does not have the new politics of small game hunting regulations brochure 2012 because the regulations had already been printed, but the DNR will a special section in the 2012 deer hunting regulations brochure.

Trail cameras can be placed where:

  • Hunting is allowed on DNR land and it is not a designated special use zone.   These “special use” zones would include trails, parking lots, buildings, beaches, toilet facilities, and campgrounds.
  • Cameras show either the name and address or DNR customer identification number of the owner.  This must be clearly visible without having to move or inspect the camera.
  • Cameras may not cause damage to natural vegetation.  Thus a camera that is installed with a screw into a tree would not be allowed on a tree, whereas a camera that is strapped onto a tree would be allowed.
  • The placement is done at the risk of the camera owner.  If someone steals or damages the camera the department will not be liable, and if DNR employees conduct habitat work (such as timber stand improvement, burning, etc.) and the camera is damaged the department will not be liable.
  • The use of trail cameras is only on DNR-owned land, and  does not include land leased from private landowners.  There the landowner must give permission.

Policy is quite simple and hopefully it will stay that way There, “said Loomans.

MNR write an administrative rule proposed in the future as the Board may consider to turn the ordinary rule policy. This will require public hearings, and will probably take a year or two to complete.

The benefits of using the trail cameras

Excitement that comes with the embroidered on a trail cameras after a long absence is almost as acute like a child waiting for Santa Christmas. You never know what you will find. You can find pictures of a rare animal such as bobcats, see a strange behavior in the most common animals or even catch an intruder. I know a lot of deer hunters, for example, who photographed deer they knew not even lived in their hunting area – large deer. It’s like spying on wildlife -. See them in their environment in a relaxed and Conditions

Trail cameras also allow you to learn to widely advertise the animals (especially deer) live in your hunting area more intimately than you could by any other means. You will not only learn where the biggest deer live, but you can take the opportunity to document the growth of particular deer every year. It is great fun to compare pictures of the same deer from one year to another as they grow big antlers.

Trail cameras are one of the best fa Ons scout for deer. Some deer hunters have turned the use of cameras to track both a science and an art. Consequently, they are quick structuring of money and shooting more deer than ever.

There are many things you can learn from the pictures you receive from your trail cameras, but pleased t that get me into a long boring essay on the subject, I will use two high-level successes to reveal all the ins and how to track camera scouting.

ltl 8210 trail cameras

ltl 8210 trail cameras