Feedback from one client for Digital Scouting Camera

scouting camerasI had read a lot about branded digital scouting camera,finally i decided to buy an OEM one without brand name which is 12MP with a 2.4inch viewing screen.I didn’t want to get the cheapest models,because i like high quality pics and videos.

Right now my digital scouting camera seems to work the best.It works great during the day and night even in cold weather.I set up the digital scouting camera in an area last week and checked it today,there were two bulks showed up in the pics,and one is huge.

I am planing to pick up a couple more digital scouting camera,preparing for the coming hunting season.Hope to catch a trophy bulk.

why and how to choose trail cameras

trail camerasWhether you’re hunting for deers or bears, nothing beats the images obtained through effective use of good trail cameras. It allows you to collect data on the number of deer and bear in the area, their estimated ages, how they travel, and how they are using the land.

After you make up your mind to choose some trail cameras,then the difficulties come:how to choose perfect trail cameras with good quality at reasonable price?

First of all,you need to confirm the price you can afford.If you are not willing to pay more money,then you can choose some cameras at $40-$70,these trail cameras have basic functions and normal standard,which can meet your basic request.

Secondly,you should know the warranty of your trail cameras.You know,usually,the cameras are located outside of city,for example,forest,montain,so the warranty is important.

Thirdly,you need to prepare the necessary items in advance to start to use the trail cameras,for example,batteries,SD card,SIM card etc.

Then,just get your testing started.

hunting cameras

There have a lot of hunting cameras in the our experience I can recommend a good one to you(hunting lover)–M330.

That’s a camera with side’s better than the others.

The motion sensor of the hunting camreas can detects movement which activates the hunting camera trigger. Some models have trigger speeds of 1/3 of a second, allowing you to capture the image of a buck in pursuit of a doe only a few feet ahead of him. hunting camera This feature may require a little forethought and labor in order for it to be most beneficial to you. Since they are motion activated,hunting cameras you will want to clear leaves and small branches from in front of the lens so you dont end up with pictures of weeds swaying in the breeze.

I am a expert in this field.any question about hunting cameras reply to me freely.

The information learn from the trail cameras photos

trail camerasThere are many things you can learn from the photos you get from your trail cameras.

For hunters: They will find out what kinds of bucks they have to hunt each year,they will find the trophy buck from the trail cameras photos.

For Nature lovers: They can keep track of animals life habits and the growing condition of the plants by the trail cameras.They will know when the animals will come out and where they like to go.

Because the trail cameras can take pictures day and night,and they have the date/time stamp function,location setting function and time lapse function,so we can know much information from the trail cameras pictures.

The trail cameras are really helpful.

trail cameras

I’m a Hunter that with experience.share my hunting experience with the hunting lovers.

It is now possible to get trail cameras that shoots in high-definition. If you are after amazing video quality, this is the right choice for you. Several of these trail cameras also feature large amounts of storage through high capacity memory cards or built-in hard drives.

Some trail cameras also feature a camouflaged outer shell. The camouflage is great for hiding the trail camera from deers, as well as other people, so they will not be drawn to it. This means that your trail cameras can remain secure while being hidden in plain view.

How to choose Hunting Cameras

hunting camerasSome people thinks that hunting is an easy thing, only just picking a gun and going out toward the respective place.In fact,It is essentially needed by one to have some hunting cameras in order to have hunt, but they needed to know what type of the cameras is required?

First of all,hunting cameras must be waterproof and can stand the low and high temperature.

Secondly,hunting cameras need have short trigger time so that they can take photos as soon as possible.

Thirdly,if there is audio function,that would be better,because you can hear the real yell of animals,which is very funny.

Above all,the ideal hunting cameras shoud be of high quality at reasonable price.

Just visit us,and you can have your perfect hunting cameras.

the Detection Zone of Trail Cameras

Trail cameras‘ detection zone is the area in which; when movement is detected, triggers the camera to take a picture. Detection zones vary from short and wide to long and skinny and everything in between. No matter how fast your trail cameras take pictures, it really doesn’t matter if an animal never enters your camera’s detection zone. The larger the detection zone, the more area you’re effectively able to scout.

The two factors affecting detection zones of trail cameras are detection range and detection width (angle).

Some trail cameras’ detection zones are actually wider than their field of view. These models can give you a head start on fast moving animals, but can also produce empty photos when animals enter the detection zone, but don’t quite make into the view of the camera’s lens.

Conversely, trail cameras with narrow detection zones almost always produce perfectly centered pictures with very few empty frames. However, these narrow detection cameras also fail to detect a substantial number of animals that wander into the view of the camera lens, but don’t make it to the narrow detection zone. Ok,now go to choose the trail cameras belong to you.

Trail Cameras–our products,your choices

Trail cameras–Success on the hunt depends on knowing the movements and habits of your game.We can offer LTL5210A and LTL5210MM for you to boost your scouting techniques and capture the hunt.Keep track of deer patterns and wildlife on your property, as well as the visitors that frequent your food plots.Our trail cameras are a good helper for every game management program.Whether you’re a serious hunter or wildlife enthusiast, you’ll find all the features you can expect at a reasonable price. Now you can afford to set up more trail cameras a larger territory.We can offer OEM/ODM service for you and you are welcomed to visit us if possible.Let’s do something in the future.

Trail Cam FAQ

Q:Why Trail Cam takes continuous images of no object ?

A:A camera has what is known as a “false trigger” if the PIR sensor thinks that there is motion and heat in front of the camera lens when there is no subject in the image. If you place the trail camera in an environment where there is motion associated with tree branches creating motion in front of the camera or an area where there is high heat in the foreground.Therefore, try moving the trail cam to an area that does not have any of these issues or try changing the sensor level on the menu settings.

Q:Battery life of trail cam

A:1.Battery life depends on temperature and number of images that the trail cam taken.

2.Poor quality SD cards can make your trail camera have a much shorter battery life,so make sure that you are using a good quality SD card in your trail camera.

3.Any type of MMS trail cams will have a shorter battery life.

Q:Night photos or videos appear too bright

A:You will get the best photos when the subject is within the ideal flash range, subjects may appear too light at closer distances.

Great Deer Hunting Aid: Hunting Camera

game camerasSuccess on the hunt depends on knowing the movements and habits of your game,using hunting camera for deer hunting has become quite popular nowadays.Hunting Camera can track deer and their habits and eliminate unproductive hunting areas.With a deer hunting cam, will allow you to see what is traveling on and or through you hunting area.And if you’re a trophy deer hunter, the deer pictures you get with hunting cameras provide you with the ability to see the actual size of the racks and how many points they have.

There are all sorts of deer cameras on the market,but you can only remember :cheaper hunting cameras might not provide the best value.

The hunting Cam M330 series is a micro infrared hunting camera.The small compact size makes the camera much easier to place on a field edge or in the deer woods.The camo case and small size also make it very easy to hide from wildlife.

Digital OEM hunting camera with HD720P video resolution,and its 12MP still images is not a problem for deer hunting. Each image is stamped with the real time of day, the date.Night time picture quality is aided with 26 infrared LED emitters which give it a 65ft flash range,so you can get a sharp deer picture at daytime,and clear bright and black picture at night.

The serious trophy deer hunter and any whitetail deer hunter should have at least one of this hunting camera included in their hunting equipments.